Judith Quax

Rooted/Uprooted in CBK Zuidoost

Voyage à Dakar is on show in CBK Zuidoost till June 12, as part of the group show Rooted/Uprooted (curated by Renske de Jong).

I invited Senegalese visual artist and actor Camara Gueye to comment on the subject of travel, migration, and the famous Senegalese children’s book The adventures of Leuk de Haas. The first Senegalese President Senghor, a philosopher and Pan-Africanist, wrote the book. Leuk de Haas is an ode to the intelligence of the child (Childhood Kingdom) and the African continent.

Rooted/Uprooted is a group show with a.o. Wes Mapes, Jasir Linger, Tja Ling Hu, Maja Irene Bolier.