Judith Quax

“Utopian Archives” at Oxford University

“Utopian Archives: Excavating Pasts for Postcolonial Futures” is a project initiated by anthropologist Ferdinand de Jong and will (a.o.) result in an exhibition by Senegalese photographer Mamadou Gomis and me at Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University, UK, May 12 – September 7, 2014. From October 21 – February 1 2015 the exhibition will run in the Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK.

The project pertains to the pan-African heritage of Senegal. As one of the Utopian ideologies of the twentieth century, Pan-Africanism still requires a full analysis in terms of its impact on the current outlook of postcolonial citizens. How do contemporary citizens engage with the Pan-African legacy at this moment in history in which the postcolony is said to be in serious crisis?

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