Judith Quax

Voyage à Dakar in De Balie

Voyage à Dakar will be on show in De Balie, at the Afropean Evening at April 30. With sounds, words, images and music from artists, musicians and writers Johnny Pitts, Vamba Sherif, Tarona, Lisette Ma Neza, Pape Seck, Orville Breeveld, Absa Sisokko and Giovanni Pisas we will immerse ourselves in “Black Europe”.

I edited a new 12 minutes video on the most magic moments of Voyage à Dakar. Vamba Sherif wrote an essay inspired by the experience of the bicultural child and he wil recite this piece.

Starting point of this evening programme is the book Afropean: Notes from Black Europe by Johnny Pitts who traveled the continent, trying to find what it means to be black in today’s Europe.